How do I use this website?

Anyone can browse or look around the website and view just about any content. If you want to post any content you need to have an account and be logged in. Then all the capabilities of the site open up for you.

What capabilities does have?

The first thing you need to know is that the website is arranged around "groups" and "group functions." For instance, "Franklin County" is a group on this site, as is "Greenfield Chatter". Each of these groups has several functions available to them. Not all groups use all functions. For instance, it makes no sense for "Businesses" to have a calendar, but it does make sense to have comprehensive business listings and a tool to let you make them.

This is a list of the various functions available on

Again, anyone can browse and view just about everything on the site, but if you want to post something you need an account and must be logged in.

What are the Corkboards

The "Corkboards" are a simple but powerful interactive topic-based messaging tool. Users may post messages and events, and may opt to receive such postings via e-mail.

How Do I Post to the Corkboards?

Before you can post you must be a member of this website (which is free) and be logged in. To post to the corkboard you first choose a group area that relates most to your message, go to the Corkboard page in that group area and then click the "Start a new thread" button near the top of the page. Make sure you choose an appropriate Subject before you submit your posting. That’s it!

What is appropriate to post?

This is a small community website. Messages about your online adult entertainment store based in London or Amsterdamn will interest no one here, and will be considered spam. Repeated attempts to create accounts on this website for those purposes will turn into a tug of war as the software author continues to write in barriers until the spammer eventually tires.

What we are interested in is general gossip around the town, news of events, and just general stuff that may come up in conversation as if you were in a local cafe.

For more details on what is appropriate on this website see the user rights page.

What are "Group Areas" or "Organizations"?

Group areas are sections of the website that group people together for a purpose. It can be for a local non-profit, or for buying and selling stuff. Each group area has its own set of functions, such as calendar, corkboard, and file areas. Some group areas don’t have all functions enabled. Some may have them hidden for only members to see. Some have closed down the rights to post to a function, ie; their calendar, so you can only view the entries but can’t add your own (which makes sense... why should you be able to post to some organization’s calendar if you’re not a member?). Most have left their corkboards open for all to post in case someone has a question or wants to participate somehow.

I’ve forgotten my password and can’t log in...

Click the link at the top left for forgotten password/verify and follow the directions. You will be e-mailed your username and password.